Get your jobs done with Hubtree.
Manage jobs, exchange files and communicate effectively with your internal or external partners.

Manage jobs

Hubtree makes it easy to see exactly what is going on in your jobs. All the events like completing tasks, submitting quotes etc. are recorded and easy to see. In addition, the Dashboard view gives you a complete cross-job overview of all the necessary information, including action items, upcoming and late milestones and recent events.

Exchange files

No more attaching files to e-mails or uploading them to FTP servers. Hubtree has a secure web-based file transfer and storage mechanism that is used for exchanging all job files, including source and target language files, as well as reference files like translation memories, termbases, style guides etc.


Hubtree platform has a built-in messaging system which enables seamless communication between clients and service providers. You can ask questions, post messages and replies and quickly clarify any issue that can arise during the course of the job.


“Hubtree helped us immensely get our projects under control. We used to run projects using many different systems and it was really difficult to manage. Now that everything is in one place and easy to use, we are more productive than ever.”
Enno Justus
Head of Documentation
WK Wärmetechnische Anlagen GmbH & Co.
“The combination of simple project management and the effortless exchange of large files is what makes Hubtree a perfect fit our needs. Our partners are happy to use it and our relationship with them is much improved.”
Stephan Kahle
Documentation Lead
Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH

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